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About us

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About the Restaurant

On May 1, 2006 the Uzbek restaurant CARAVAN, a true Oriental oasis, opened its doors in the downtown part of Chisinau. It presented an irresistible temptation for the local gourmets dreaming since a long time to add an exotic something to the European lifestyle.

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Halt your step for a moment at the entrance door: the sophisticated world of Central Asia full of surprises is waiting for you behind it. Every detail in the interior reminds of the Orient: national Central Asian ornaments, clay figurines brought here from the Uzbek holy places, lights, linen and organza curtains. One of the restaurant room walls is adorned with the embroidered Susanu rug made in Samarqand. All the restaurant's tableware with the traditional hand-made golden ornaments was also purchased in that Uzbek city full of mysteries and legends.

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CARAVAN resembles a hospitable Uzbek home, where a guest is welcomed heartily, accompanied to the coziest place with lots of rugs and soft cushions, given a tasty meal and ultimately offered tasty special brew tea. Please do not be surprised the waiters are filling your Uzbek teacup - piala – only half-full. According to the Uzbek tradition, the more honorable the guest is, the less tea is pored into his piala at a time. It is the host's privilege to demonstrate special attention and care of his guests, filling their pialas as often as possible.

IMG 7120The restaurant has another room appealing to the admirers of romantic interiors. The total restaurant can provide places for 64 guests.

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CARAVAN's specialty and its jewel is the special retreat room for female visitors, which is closed for men. Considering its soft sofas, huge mirrors and overtly emphasized Oriental luxury, CARAVAN is going to become a far more popular retreat from male society that any other establishment.

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